On the wooden rocking horse

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Sobre el caballito de madera

Imagine that your life is a novel and that you are the protagonist … What would be more interesting to read: stay where you are or go after your dreams?

When Andrea, a 30-year old aspiring writer has been repeated 6,048 times: “Thank you for calling Bodog Wagering, my name is Andrea, may I have your account number, please?” working as a telephone operator, she realizes that she is trapped in the wrong novel and she is starring a story that she doesn’t like. So, one rainy afternoon she decides to escape the monotonous pages of the book and go on a trip to Europe.

She doesn’t have a plan. All she knows is that she is going to look for the protagonist that she wants for her own personal novel: a Spanish guy, who she left on a train station’s platform seven years ago and from whom she has not heard anything else. Besides that, everything will be random, unstructured, spontaneous … Dada. She will ride a rocking horse that won’t lead her anywhere, but to write her own personal novel as she wants and live the life, that is just about enjoying the time that goes by.