Andrea Aguilar- Calderón

yoHello! I’m Andrea and I was born in San Jose, Costa Rica, in 1981. I’m a journalist and I have studies in Spanish Philology.

I write since I was a little girl. Back on those days, when I didn’t know how to write, I used to make ​​drawings in sequence to tell the stories that I used to imagine. Then I learned to read and to write by myself, since I couldn’t wait to go to school. As you can see, it’s my passion.

In my country, I won the Letra Joven Literature Award three times (1995, 1997 and 1999) and the Letra Nova Literature Award (2005) in the categories of short stories and essay. Also, I received one of the scholarships Ruta Quetzal Argentaria of the Universidad Complutense of Madrid in 1998. That was the first time I traveled in my life and I found out that backpacking is my second passion.

I have worked for mass media, government agencies and private companies in Costa Rica, Chile, Spain and Central America.

On the rocking the horse is the English version of my travel blog in Spanish: Sobre el caballito. Based on it, Onada Edicions published my first novel in Spain On the wooden rocking horse, with which I got the VIII International Travel Literature Award City of Benicàssim 2012. (Only available in Spanish).

Currently, I work as a journalist, translator, proofreader and freelance writer as I continue traveling .

If you speak Spanish, you can find out more about me as a writer on my website: andreaaguilar-calderon.com

Professional CV


-B. A. in Journalism with emphasis in Mass Media. Federal University of Costa Rica. 2000-2004.

-B. A in Spanish Philology. University of Costa Rica. 1999-2003. (105 credits approved).

Experience in Literature

-Novel: Sobre el caballito de madera. Onada Edicions. Benicassim, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain, 2013.

-International Travel Literature Award Ciudad de Benicassim, 2012. Novel. Spain.

-Blog: Sobre el caballito/On the rocking horse.

-First place. Short stories book. Concurso Letra Nova, 2005. Costa Rica.

-Scholarship Dante Alighieri Cultural Association, 2004. Italy.

-First place. Essay. Concurso Letra Joven, 1999. Costa Rica.

-Scholarship Ruta Quetzal Argentaria, Universidad Complutense of Madrid, 1998. Spain.

-Second place. Short story. Concurso Letra Joven, 1997. Costa Rica.

-First place. Essay. Concurso Letra Joven, 1995. Costa Rica.

Experience in Journalism

-Marketing con impacto. Online marketing company. Editorial assistant. February 2014-present. Chile.

-Por qué doctor Magazine. Freelance journalist. 2013. Spain.

-Blog La mente es maravillosa. Freelance journalist. 2013. Spain.

-EARTH University. Journalist, proofreader, translator. September 2012-March 2013. Costa Rica.

-Fem Magazine Central America and Caribbean. Journalist, proofeader. February 2007-October 2008. Costa Rica.

Estrategia y Negocios Magazine. Proofreader and translator. February 2007-October 2008. Costa Rica.

-Puente Magazine. Editor in Chief. October 2005- October 2006. Costa Rica.

-Aura Interactiva, e-learning agency. Journalist. May 2005- September 2005. Costa Rica.

-National Congress of Costa Rica. Communication and image supervisor for the Bloque Patriótico Parlamentario Party. August 2003- March 2004. Costa Rica.

Cyberprensa Magazine. Journalist in Politics and Editorial Assistant. June 2002- February 2003. Costa Rica.


-Spanish: Native.

-English: Calasanz High School. Expert. San José, Costa Rica.

-Portuguese: Institute for International Cooperation and Development. Expert. Michigan, United States.

-Italian: Dante Alighieri Institute. Expert. Rome, Italy.

-French: University of Costa Rica. Basic.

-German: Goethe Institut. Basic.

Backpacker CV

mochilaSince 1998 until 2014, I have been to 50 countries on four continents, and I have lived in four countries: Costa Rica, Italy, USA and Mozambique.

My first trip was to Spain and the last one to Greece.

My goal is to reach 100 countries that I chose as a little girl, when I played with my Barbies: in my imagination, they used to win a contest to travel around the world. (For the contest, I used the most boring globe, which somebody gave me as Christmas present when I was 7 years old and which still included the Soviet Union).


– United States: 2001 , 2008-2009 USA Flag

– Mexico: 2000-2001 , 2007 Mexico Flag

– Guatemala: 2002 Guatemala Flag

– El Salvador: 2002 El Salvador Flag

– Nicaragua: 2004-2005 Nicaragua Flag

– Colombia: 2012 Colombia Flag

– Peru: 2012 Peru Flag

– Venezuela: 1998 Venezuela Flag

– Argentina: 2009, 2010 Argentina flag

-Trinidad and Tobago: 1998 Trinidad y Tobago Flag

– Cuba: 2008 Cuba Flag


-India: 2013 India Flag

– Nepal: 2013 Nepal Flag

– Sri Lanka: 2013 Sri Lanka Flag


– Mozambique: 2009-2010 Mozambique flag

– Zimbabwe: 2010 Zimbabwe Flag

– Malawi: 2009 Malawi Flag

-South Africa: 2010 Sudáfrica Flag


– Liechtenstein: 2011 Liechtenstein flag

– Portugal: 1998, 2004, 2013 Portugal Flag

-Bosnia-Herzegovina: 2011 Bosnia Flag

– Spain: 1998, 2004, 2011, 2013, 2014 España Flag

-Bulgaria: 2011 Bulgaria Flag

– France: 2004, 2011, 2013 Francia Flag

– Switzerland: 2011 Suiza Flag

– Belgium: 2004, 2013 Bélgica Flag

– Austria: 2011 Austria Flag

-Netherlands: 2004, 2013 Países Bajos Flag

– Croatia: 2011 Croacia Flag

-Luxembourg: 2004 Luxemburgo Flag

– Estonia: 2011 Estonia Flag

– Italy: 2004, 2011, 2013 Italia Flag

-Macedonia: 2011 Macedonia Flag

– Serbia: 2011 Serbia Flag

– Monaco: 2004 Monaco Flag

-Hungary: 2011 Hungría Flag

– Germany: 2004, 2011, 2013 Alemania Flag

– Slovakia: 2011 Eslovaquia Flag

-Czech Republic: 2004 Rep. Checa flag

-Montenegro: 2011 Montenegro Flag

– Poland: 2011 Polonia Flag

-United Kingdom: 2011, 2013 Reino Unido Flag

– Ireland: 2013 Irlanda Flag

– Latvia: 2011 Latvia Flag

– Finland: 2011 Finlandia Flag

– Greece: 2013-2014 Grecia Flag

– Kosovo: 2011 Kosovo Flag

– Lithuania: 2011 Lituania Flag

– Romania: 2011 Rumania Flag

-Slovenia: 2011 Eslovenia Flag